Wipeout Bloon is a bloon that takes 70,000 hits to kill and spawns nothing (due to so much hits).It has a green and blue cross and is a purple bloon. Together with the upcoming Battleship Bloon, they appear only on round 1000 and the upoming Round 1000 Special Mission.


  • Curse you Towers!: Shoots a huge blue missle on a tower that can kill any type of tower at once and can break Level 2 Shield.

How to meet the Wipeout before round 1000

  • First you need to beat Direct Assault 2 and Final Battle.
  • Then go to the Monkey Lab.You may see a huge blue missle and a blue text having the words 'Round 500 Wipeout'.Click it.
  • Then go to Special Missions.You will see a 500 note and a 750.If you click the note then the Wipeout will start appearing on round 500 and you will get the comment of round 1000 on round 500 (before it starts).If you click the 750 then the same will happen,exept the comment will appear before round 750 starts and it appears at round 750.

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