This special Agent is just like a 1-1 Dart Monkey, but there is one difference: it has a special ability called "Full Moon". Once the ability is activated, the Werewolf Monkey turns into a wolf, and gains super powers, like camo detection, popping of Lead Bloons, and greatly increased speed. The ability lasts for twenty seconds and takes one minute to cool down. It costs 100 Monkey Money.

Pro Werewolf Monkey

The pro Werewolf Monkey will bite a random monkey tower within its search radius every other round if the ability is active at the end of the second round. After ten rounds, the affected monkey will gain the Full Moon ability. X-3 Super Monkeys, Monkey Buccaneers, Dartling Gunners, Heli Pilots, and Monkey Aces cannot become Werewolves.


  • This conception was made by Wackycreeper15

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