Unlocked at Rank 60, this is a mode where you can play as Bloons, our favorite bad guys.

Cost of Bloons are half of what the bloon costed in BTD Battles 2. You have 10 lives, and they have 150 lives. If a round is passed with no bloons escaping to the exit, you lose 1 life.

Rounds and speed are the same as Hard and Medium, respectively.

Tower that first appear in rounds

1. Dart Monkey

1-4. Tack Shooter

1-8. Sniper Monkey

1-8. Ninja Monkey

4-12. Bomb Tower

5-15. Ice Tower

1-18. Boomerang Thrower

13-22. Monkey Buccaneer

19-28. Glue Gunner

20-31. Archer Monkey

21-37. Monkey Apprentice

20-40. Monkey Village

24-43. Monkey Engineer

30-46. Mortar Tower

42-50. Otaku Shelter

37-54. Spike Factory

41-56. Bloonchipper

42-58. Dartling Gun

43-63. Banana Farm (decreases delay of tower placement)

52-66. Sword Monkey

64-71. Minecraft Monkey

55-75. Monkey Submarine

69-79. Black Void Shooter

61-80. Time Leaper

73-83. Danmaku Monkey

80-90. Super Monkey

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