The Vial Thrower is a monkey that throws vials that break on impact. The glass shards pop bloons (kinda like a Frag Bombs Bomb Tower explosion, but without the explosion). It costs $385 Easy. It has the range of a 2-2 Bomb Tower.


Path I< br /> 1. Acid: $260 Easy The vials now contain a mild acid. This will pop one layer of bloon every two seconds. Has an area of effect similar to an unupgraded Bomb Tower explosion.

2. Sleeping Ointment: $385 Easy Now throws vials laden with a sleeping ointment. If a bloon is directly hit by a sleeping ointment vial, it will be stunned for two seconds! Only affects one bloon. Shards will still pop bloons. Ointment does not replace the acid!

3. Harder Throw: $770 Easy Vials will go much further, and do extra damage to ceramic bloons!

4. Draught of Swiftness: $2720 Easy Occasionally gives a random tower within it's search radius a potion that makes it attack 50% faster for ten seconds! Does not affect Sun Gods.

Path II
1. Grenade: $260 Easy Adds an explosive bomb to the Vial Thrower's arsenal. Only affects three bloons, but can pop lead and frozen!

2. Molotov Cocktail: $460 Easy Instead of a bomb, it now throws a flask filled with flammable materials that explodes on impact, and burns through a layer every second for ten seconds!

3. Faster Throw: $680 Easy Throws much faster (speed now is that of a Cannon Ship)

4. Bottle Storm: $2720 Easy Bottle Storm Ability: Rapid-fires bottles for ten seconds, last second covers most of the screen.


  • Molotov Cocktails are real-world incendiary weapons, but they probably burn much faster in reality than here.

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