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Vector Map
Vector Map
Difficulty Expert
Terrain Virtual
Entrances 12
Exits 12
Water? No

The Vector Map is an Expert track taking place at the cyberworld. It has a binary number in each square of the grid. The Virtual terrain here can be very confusing: Organic-type towers can be placed on the 0's, and machine-type (cyborgs included) can be placed on the 1's. It's unlocked at Rank 45.

Track Paths

  • The track contains 12 small paths, the bloons will come from the left or top of each path and proceed to the right or bottom.

Track Secrets

  • Cyborg Monkeys, Robo Monkeys and Tech Terrors attack 20% faster here, since they utilize codes.
  • Shield Generators have 20% wider range for the same reason.


  • If you read it from left to right and top to bottom, the binary code reads "MONKEY".
  • Look at the intersections, and you will see an interesting optical illusion.

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