Convenient facepalm is kept here for convenience!

Text Style:


Originally typed in Bloons Wiki by Anomalous13, image posted by Wackycreeper15

Normal Style: Use each level of facepalm for each corresponding level of fail. (levels taken from 9gag)

Level 1: Facepalm: For Minor Fails


From The Internet

Level 2: Double Facepalm: For Normal Fails

Facepalm lv2

Level 3: Ancient Facepalm: For Bad Fails

Facepalm lv3

Level 4: Tactical Facepalm: For Big Fails

Facepalm lv4

Level 5: Epic Facepalm: For Great Fails

Facepalm lv5

Level 6: Third-Party Facepalm: For Global Fails

Facepalm lv6

Level 7: Orbital Facepalm: For Revolutionary Fails

Facepalm lv7

Level 8: Buddhist Facepalm: For Legendary Fails (I've watched this movie!)

Facepalm lv8

This is just a thumbnail!

Level 9: Jesus Facepalm: For Epic Fails

Facepalm lv9

Level 10: Earth Facepalm: For Ultimate Fails

Facepalm lv10

Top Secret "Facepalm":

Not so secret anymore! Since it has been unlocked by TATemporaryAaron1101

And it's not technically a facepalm, it's something used for unbelievable fails!

File:Crazy kiler miku.png

Monkey Style (because of its recent popularity):

Glue Splatterer Facepalm

Made by WackyCreeper15

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