The Trap Monkey is a new tower. It lays traps on the track that captures bloons in one spot. Any towers can hit the bloons when they are captured. Can only catch 7 bloons for 5 seconds unupgraded. Traps cannot capture M.O.A.B. class bloons. Cost: $700 (All prices are on Medium Difficulty).

Path 1

Bigger Traps

  • Each trap can now capture 10 bloons instead of 7. Cost: $700

Even Bigger Traps

  • Now traps can hold up to 15 bloons instead of 10! Cost: $1500

Bear Traps

  • Each of the traps now become bear traps, and when bloons step into the bear trap, they each lose one layer! Cost: $5000

Hungry Bear Traps

  • The bear traps are hungry, so every bloon that enters the trap loses 1 layer and slowly gets eaten away until released! Cost: $8000

Path 2

Metal Traps

  • Traps are now made of metal instead of plastic, so they can hold bloons for 8 seconds instead of 5. Cost: $900

Steel Traps

  • Traps now hold bloons for 12 seconds, because they are made from steel. Cost: $1300

M.O.A.B. Catcher

  • Traps can now each catch up to 2 M.O.A.B.s and 1 B.F.B. Cost: $4500

M.O.A.B. Destroying Traps

Ability: Destroying Traps. Places a trap that catches any M.O.A.B. class bloon and destroys it. Recharge: 1 minute and 20 seconds. Cost: $10000

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