The Traitor Bloon.

The Traitor Bloon is a really strange bloon. It eats fellow non-M.O.A.B. class bloons to gain more layers. Traitor Bloons start off with 5 layers before releasing 3 Lead Bloons. The most amount of layers a Traitor Bloon can have is 100. Bloons being eaten can't move. Traitor Bloons can eat Camo, Lead, and Regenerating bloons.
Amount of Layers Bloon being eaten has Amount of Layers Traitor Bloon gains when eating Bloon Time taken to eat
1-5 2 layers gained 1.5 seconds
6-10 3 layers gained 3 seconds
11-20 5 layers gained 4.5 seconds
21-35 9 layers gained 6 seconds
35-70 12 layers gained 10 seconds
70+ 20 layers gained 15 seconds

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