Tower of Chaos is a base of towers.It has more health than any thing in the game exept homes of towers and bloons as they are not the things to fight.Some bloons have to kill this too like the Wipeout Bloon.It is a flaming tower that can kill bloons once it gets almost no health (around 25%).It is shown at the left side of the screen when you are playing the game.It has 4,000 HP.The health and the percentage is as following:

  • 100 to 80%: 4,000 to 3,350 HP
  • 80 to 60%: 3,350 to 2,950 HP
  • 60 to 40%: 2,950 to 2,150 HP
  • 40 to 20%: 2,150 to 1,150 HP
  • 20 to 1%: 1,150 to 10 HP

And also, please dont change the health of this because it is a base and dont you know about the bloons base, the Tigris? NOTHING CAN EVER TAKE DOWN A SINGLE PERCENT HEALTH OF TIGRIS!

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