• Size: Space used for placing.
  • Range: Detection range.
  • Power: Attack stats.
  • Fire rate: Delay beetween attacks.

Tower Type

  • Monkey: Armed Monkeys.
  • Mechanical: Depends on electricity/gear.
  • Driven: Both types, generally vehicles.

Tower Behaviour

  • Static: Stays on a spot.
  • Moving: Moves in terrain and/or track.
  • Floating: Can be deployed on water and on land.
  • Flying: Flies over terrain.
  • Chaser: Chases the cursor.

Attack Type

  • Throw: Delay before attack, may reduce accuracy.
  • Shot: Instant Aim and Fire.
  • Area: Sends a pulse that hits bloons in an area.
  • Wide: Swing attack.
  • Charge: Can store extra power.
  • Fixed: Target a fixed point or line anywhere on the map.
  • Cursor: Targets the cursor.
  • Station: Stay on the track to wait for the bloons to pass, popping them.
  • Crush: Moves on the track to kill bloons.

Attack Behaviour

  • Flight: Projectiles fly a Distance, ussually larger than Range.
  • Speed: How fast a proyectile flies.
  • Obstacle: Shots stay on Track as an Obstacle.

Attack Properties

  • Pierce: Projectiles Go Through Bloons.
  • Splash/Explosion: Individual Radius Attack. Hits Many Bloons.
  • Riccochet: Keeps hitting bloons, until vanish.
  • Frag: Radius attack, many projectiles.
  • Stunning: Stuns Bloons, making them unable to move.
  • Slowdown: Slows Bloons down.
  • Burn/Corrosion: Damaging them over time.
  • Freezing: Freezes Bloons, make them unable to move, just like Stunning, but these bloons will be immune to sharp projectiles.
  • Electrocution: Electrocutes Bloons, make them unable to move AND damage them over time, just like Stunning + Corrosive/Burning
  • Knockback: Send back Bloons.
  • Layer Buster: Pops 2 or more layers per hit.
  • Cleansing: Removes special Properties.
  • Softener: Nullifies certain Bloon Immunities
  • Multiple: Deals many times the normal damage to certain Bloons.

Attack Elements

  • Sharp. (Darts)
  • Heavy. (Juggernaut)
  • Ice. (Ice Tower)
  • Lightning. (Lightning Bolt)
  • Acid. (Corrosive Glue)
  • Heat.
    • Laser. (Laser Vision)
    • Plasma. (Plasma Vision)
    • Light. (Sun God)
    • Fire. (Dragon's Breath)
    • Explosive. (Bombs)
    • Magic (Depends).
  • Magic. (Monkey Apprentice)
  • Wind. (Summon Whirlwind)
  • Bloontonium. (Depleted Bloontonium)
  • Powered. (Robo Monkey)

Status Effects

  • Stun: Can't attack for some time.
  • Burning: Taking fire damage over time.
  • Poison: Same as burn, but takes poison damage instead.
  • Jam: Attack is nullified/canceled.
  • Monotonous: Range decreased by 30%, fire rate decreased by 40%.
  • Sugar Rush: Attacks faster for some time, but attacks slower permanently after.
  • Frozen: Can't attack. Reflects light-based attacks. Freezing also goes off by getting hit by an attack, which will deal 2.5x more damage.
  • Doomed: Will instantly die after some time.
  • Instant Death: Instantly dies.
  • Stealthy: Can't normally be detected by bloons. Higher evasion chance.
  • Syphon: Will turn into an unupgraded version of itself (graphics stay the same) until it wears off.
  • Berserk: Attacks uncontrollably with more power at the cost of accuracy and evasion.
  • Blessed: Can't be affected by negative status effects.
  • Revive: Will automatically revive when killed.

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