"A little larger than a ZOMG and it's also going to get intense." -Description

Titanius is a white and red core-warship with many attacks.


Titanius (Core)

It is a white and red core warship with two guns on the sides of it, as well as having a single core and around 7 yellow barriers.


Each of the barriers has around 900 HP and its core has 4500 HP, 500 HP higher than a ZOMG.

It moves at 1.5x the speed of a Green Bloon.

Attack Pattern

Attack 1

It spews out a large amount of orange barrels that can be destroyed by any projectile, and it can also deal damage if it comes too close to a tower, dealing around only 1 HP of Damage.

On higher difficulties, it spews out blue barrels that are immune to darts.

Take note that this attack can join in with other attacks randomly.

Attack 2

It fires green lasers from its guns while moving quickly. Each of the lasers deal 9 HP of Damage.

Attack 3

Titanius Attacking (Core)

It opens its front, revealing that the entire Titanius itself is also a weapon, firing a large blue laser while covering itself with it, dealing 25 HP of Damage.

Attack 4

Titanius Attacking 2 (Core)

After that, it opens its rear to summon many bloons, from Red Bloons to Rainbow Bloons.

On higher difficulties, Ceramic Bloons will be summoned from its rear on Medium and MOABs on Hard.

Death Animation

It stops then opens its rear just like its fourth attack phase, 2 MOABs leave Titanius then collide themselves into it, destroying Titanius completely.


  • It is a reference to the Deltatry from Gradius Gaiden which in turn, is a reference to a boss of similar design and attacks from another game.
  • The only difference from its Gradius Gaiden counterpart is the death animation;
    • The Deltatry opens its two hatches and two dragons, called Intruders, come out of it and smash themselves into Deltatry.
    • Titanius opens its rear hatch and two MOABs come out of it and collide themselves into Titanius.
  • The total HP of Titanius is 10,800 HP.

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