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Announcing Operation: Rebuild BCoW Master Plan!

  • Greetings party people! As you should've known, BCoW is a bit "slow and stale" (quote: User:HotAirBalloon) nowadays, and so, to revitalize it, I've come up with an operation called Operation: Rebuild BCoW along with its Master Plan, which will be discussed here!

    The Plan currently consists of:

    1. Officializing our alliance with Wikia and Conception Wikia, led by User:ZathusTheMageV.

    2. Updating the homepage, especially news, to show people that we still care.

    3. Revamping the management system, which include:

     3.1. Optimizing the staff positions, their jobs, and their titles.
     3.2. Publishing staff requirements and making a Staff page.
     3.3. Assigning current fitting users to the respective jobs.

    4. Sorting the new Conception Tournament out.

    5. Working on the artists platform

    6. Developing creation and evaluation platforms for the conceptors.

    I know that 4, 5 and 6 sound vague for now, so we'll focus on 1, 2 and 3 first.

    I hope with this plan, BCoW will be great again and return to its golden age, then goes even beyond that, as long as you keep contributing and giving the wiki what you can do. We'll need everyone to work on this plan, so please feel free to contribute your ideas actively, everyone! Thank you a lot in advance! ^^

    Koufuku Metanana 06:31, August 5, 2016 (UTC)

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    • Progress~

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    • Interesting.. I have never seen BCoW in its Prime. So I think that with this plan, I might get to see it for the first time.

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    • Hey, I'm back. How's it going?

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    • By the 3rd objective, do you mean we're gonna have that complex joblist thing that we have just voted down not too long ago?

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    • I made another, simpler joblist in the Staff page. >_>

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    • So basically:

      1. Editor: Rollbackers
      2. Enforcer: Chatmod
      3. Encyclopedian: Content Mod
      4. Inspector: Forum, Chat, Discussion Mod

      But beyond that the two admin roles are basically a restricted version of the current admin right, something I never really understood.

      Eh, who am I to judge when I'm just treated as a random guy with somehow an admin right

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    • Don't worry Logo-sensei, I still have a lot of work and questions for you if you can still be active around here... :D

      Also, can you please please please PLEASE return to the Discord...?

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    • huh, seems like I'm even locked out of the MediaWiki stuff, the only reason I'm still here, trying to fix the scripts.

      Doesn't matter, you guys are replacing me anyways... :)

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    • Hey, look, I'm giving you administrative association, which means you get your admin rights back for now, okay? Like I said, I still have questions for you.

      And... yes, we are replacing you,... but look, don't be mad, okay? Please? I mean... I really didn't want to, but you just suddenly disappeared for like a month without any precautions or reasons at all, so I just had to assume you were inactive... and now you suddenly came back and I don't even know if you are gonna be active or not... but from your language, I guess you ain't are...

      Anyway,... please help us out with this one last time, okay? I'll be straight... I wanted to ask you about your scripts, which are used like, you know, everywhere in the wiki. I want you to be Cynthia's mentor and teach him how to modify the scripts so we can have real buttons, username colors, username tags, etc. okay? I mean... just because I put someone else in your position while you were away doesn't mean we don't need you anymore, Logo. We will still always appreciate having you here. I was afraid you'd be mad when you returned, to be honest...

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    • I can agree, Logo is clearly a god of wikia coding. I mean, I got as far as username staff colors, changing the names of staff titles (like next to someone's name on their userpage it says 'Arena Closer' instead of 'Administrator', etc.), adding emotes to chat, and some other MediaWiki .CSS nonsense.

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    • Look, I'm not even the one who made most of the scripts. I'm not even responsible for putting them in the wiki. Look at the history of the Common.js. The first script, Reveal IPs, which actually helped a lot when Anons were prevalent, was added by you. UserTags? Nope, that was added by Tasty. Refreshing Wikia Activities? Nope, also Tasty. That button that allowed you to edit Wall Greeting without needing to remember whatever the correct page was? Anon did that. The Skype then Discord buttons that people actually need? Anon did those too.

      Heck, I'm not even the one who maintained the usertags. It was Tasty. Then there came Love Robin and Anon that also maintained it for the long time. If anything, there isn't a need to ask me for that. The way to add usertags, new scripts, they are well documented in the corresponding pages.

      I'm only here using this wiki as a playground, as a sandbox.

      All I did was those that eventually went unused. Username function? Tasty got a better version. That bunch of tools that I've put on my blog? Nope, Wikia said no. HTML representations? Some of you have used that at one point, but it's easily proven impractical and drawing the representations as images may have taken way less effort to both me and the one who somehow wants them. Voting Tags? Nope, scrapped for complexity. Rating Board? Nope, not a single rating was created since the creation of that. Pins? Nope, it ended up being an undebuggable mess that either spawned 2 copies of the same thing, or sometimes not work at all. And no one really cared about it like 2 days later. That secret policy whatever-shit thing? It's just for a one-time humor and nothing else.

      No, I'm not the one to ask if you want to know how to make "real buttons, username colors, username tags". They are as well-documented as they can be, and the format for them is so simple, you can basically just read the existing code and guess what they do.

      There, I've answered your question. I'm not a god of anything, at the end I'm just salty I'm being replaced. k?

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    • i can't do js

      Logo12 wrote: Doesn't matter, you guys are replacing me anyways... :)

      wtf does this even mean

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    • Logo is apparently no longer going to do that type of work from what I read.

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    • There's no such need of asking me if you just want to do those usertags, anyone can do it. If that's the only reason left you need me. Then that pretty much means there are no need for me to stay.

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    • yes because the purpose of users here is to be "used" so that they do the dirty work for us.

      that's a stupid mentality and you should stop.

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    • Come on, don't start a wheel war. He's just saying that he doesn't have to do it.

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    • I never said he had to do it.

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    • Thaswordster wrote: yes because the purpose of users here is to be "used" so that they do the dirty work for us.

      that's a stupid mentality and you should stop.

      Yes, then why ask me to stay just for mentoring Cynthia on how to do those? That's not something only I can do.

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    • Then all of you mentor. :D

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    • Logo12 wrote:

      Thaswordster wrote: yes because the purpose of users here is to be "used" so that they do the dirty work for us.

      that's a stupid mentality and you should stop.

      Yes, then why ask me to stay just for mentoring Cynthia on how to do those? That's not something only I can do.

      god forbid asking for help.

      also yes, you *are* the only one who can do it.

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    • A Fandom user
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