The Superdeath is a difficulity-less secret track and can be accessed by any track like Dream World.There are 2 starts and 4 exits.It's appearance is a bomb inside a mountain along with 2 people, one armed with a gun and the second one died.

How to get The Superdeath

  • First get a Rocket Gunner and a Karate God (upcoming) and place them very near.
  • Then use the abilities so the 2 death fighters fuse with each other and shot at the same place and nearly the same time.
  • Now click 'Yes' at the message board.Now you will be there.

Bloon Paths

  • For Path 1, the bloons start at the dead person (at the bottom) and end at the bomb (at the top, reaching there in a zig-zag way).
  • For Path 2, the bloons start from the top of the mountain and can either go to the died person, the bomb or the bottom-left corner.The bomb is the shortest way so have a big army there!

Secret inside the track

  • First place 3 0/4 Bomb Towers.
  • Now use the ability all the 3 times.Now the Bomb Towers may explode and drop a devastating bomb which can pop anything on screen having lower health than a Chaos Bloon.

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