The Heist is an Advanced Difficulty track that takes place at a Banana Investments Advisory. The bloons go out through one of the windows of the building, loop around the place, and exit on the far right of the screen. There is a B.L.I.T.Z. on the right of the screen. Yes, you can place towers on it. Oh, and it's mostly Sky, due to the fact that Banana Investments Advisories are pretty tall!


  • The B.L.I.T.Z.'s port missile turrets will automatically fire on the bloons if at least three 4-X or X-4 monkey towers are placed on it. The missiles are pretty much the same as those launched 2-2 Bomb Towers, except for the fact that they explode with the blast radius of a 2-X Mortar Tower.
  • The bloons will occasionally be carrying baggage (50% chance). When popped all the way, they will drop their loot. Mouse over it to get some extra cash. B.F.B.s from Z.O.M.G.s do not carry loot carried by the Z.O.M.G.


  • Plunder carried by a Capital Blimp is always a small car.
  • Loot from a M.O.A.B. or B.F.B. is always a safe.

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