The Escapee is an extremely odd mission in B.T.D.6. The reason for this is because the boss is a monkey!


During some experiments on improving the Technological Terror, there was a problem. The subject went crazy from pain and escaped! It went straight for the Lost City. Your job, after defeating five special levels on the Lost City, is to capture the Technological Terror Mk II before it causes any damage to Grand Monkeyopolis. Good Luck!


  1. You can only have three towers of each type down.
  2. The Supply Drop ability is not allowed.
  3. You cannot sell any towers.
  4. You must not kill the test subject, only bring his HP down by 50%, then the mission is won!


  • Wave 5 has two Z.O.M.G.s and a S.P.I.C.A. Wave 6 introduces the escaped Technological Terror.
  • The Boss Battle music is an extended cut of Exotic Battle, by Kevin Macleod.
  • If you reaches Rank 75, after this mission, you'll be showed the way to Grand Monkeyopolis by the captured Berserk Technological Terror.