Technological Attack is a Special Mission that occurs in Tech Peak. Only technological bloons (Evolution Bloons, Warp Bloons, etc.) appear in this mission, proving Apopalypse Bloon's technological advancements. It is in Apopalypse Mode (but you still recieve money from rounds, actually, only half of it - rounded up - just so you have a small advantage). It rewards 400 Monkey Money and 25 AP after completion. The boss of this mission is T.E.C.H.. This mission can be unlocked at Rank 32.

Description: Using his Rubber-Supported technology, Apopalypse Bloon created a variety of bloons with a high-technology level. He has also built a weird machine at the top of Mt. Mounty! You must destroy that machine ASAP before it does something dangerous!

Special Stuff

Robotronix (the machine)

HP: 15,000


  • Robo Beam: Shoots a beam that turns the nearest tower into a robot that attacks YOUR towers instead of the bloons for 10 secs! Ouch! Its appearance is the tower it was but made of metal. (See MicroChip Pack for damage list)
  • High Voltage Beam: Shoots a beam at a random technological tower and stuns it for 2.5 seconds.
  • Overcharge: Deactivates the machine itself making it vulnerable and suffering 2x more damage for 10 seconds, but when it gets its energy back, it causes an energy burst that deals 19HP damage to every tower in a 216px radius!


  • Round 1: 1 Orange Bloon
  • Round 2: 5 Orange Bloons
  • Round 3: 3 Charge Bloons, 5 Orange Bloons
  • Round 4: 10 Charge Bloons, 10 Orange Bloons
  • Round 5: 5 Gold Bloons, 2 Warp Bloons
  • Round 6: 1 Sentry Buster Bloon
  • Round 7 (Rush Round): 20 Orange Bloons, 20 Charge Bloons, 5 Warp Bloons, 5 Sentry Buster Bloons
  • Round 8 (Rush Round): 50 Orange Bloons
  • Round 9: 10 Warp Bloons, 15 Sentry Buster Bloons
  • Round 10: 25 Gold Bloons
  • Round 11 (Rush Round): 100 Charge Bloons, 5 Evolution Bloons
  • Round 12: 50 Gold Bloons
  • Round 13: 50 Orange, Charge, Warp and Sentry Buster Bloons, 10 Evolution Bloons
  • Round 14: 25 Police Bloons, 100 Charge Bloons
  • Round 15: T.E.C.H. + Mega Pop-o-Bot


  • Guess why it is unlocked at rank 32! (Answer in the comments)

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