TOTMG Lord is a special mission.You get to play on the Star Shrine track. There is a 4/4 Super Monkey at the middle of the track called the ToTMG Lord.  It shoots a fast stream of darts like a normal Super Monkey as well as 3 Tecnological Terror Rays and 3 Rays of Doom.  It also uses the Spectre attack and also shoots Commando Bloon Projectiles that deal 40HP damage to bloons.  It also kills any two of your towers except Dart Monkeys every 2 rounds. You have to pass 10 ultimately hard rounds.


  1. 1 Chaos Bloon (be ready)
  2. 1 TANK (be ready because it is of 182)
  3. 90 MK-VIs (upcoming!) (with 3 gaps between them)
  4. 50 TAGZs(be ready) (with 3 gaps between them)
  5. 50 Wipeouts (be ready)
  6. 40 Battleships (be ready) (upcoming!)
  7. 150 Megamehoths (with 5 gaps between them)
  8. 90 Chaos Bloons
  9. 120 Chaos Bloons
  10. 150 Chaos Bloons

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