T.A.N.K (Tanker of Assault Necro Killing) is a blimp.This is not similar to both of the other TANKs,the Wackycreeper's TANK and Dinner111's TANK as it takes 50,000 (be prepared!) hits to kill and spawns 2 Blasters when destroyed meaning 12 ZOMGs so be prepared with this TANK! It also has superpowered abilities.


  • Tank Missle: Shoots a real tank missle that deals 150 HP to all the towers in it's blast radius.
  • Superspawn: Spawns a ZOMG every minute.
  • Electricity Shock: Summons electricity shocks that deal 50 damage to a tower.
  • Spawn Wackycreeper's TANK: Spawns a Wackycreeper's TANK every minute.


  • This is the most powerful TANK Bloon, taking 50,000 hits to kill (that's more than Chaos Bloon!).

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