The Sword Monkey is a monkey who attacks with a sword which is around as long as the Ice Tower's range. It uses the sword to slash bloons (which affects a whole arc of around 60 degrees), a slash damages every bloon it touches and pop 1 layer out of them. He attacks pretty slowly. (Around the speed of a Bomb Tower)

Price: 600$ on Medium

Path 1

Long Sword

The width and range of the slashes are now increased.

Price: 400$ on Medium

Royal Swordman

Royal swords have really sharp blades. they can pop 2 layers off any bloon they touch!

Price: 1000$ on Medium

Energy Sword

Slashes now also compress energy to create a "Sword Beam". A sword beam is only as wide as the slash itself and can only pop 1 layer but can fly pretty far! (The "Sword Beam" is "added" to the slash, not replacing the slash itself, don't worry)

Price: 2500$ on Medium

Saber Monkey

The Saber Monkey is acknowledged as the King of Knights, because his sword can pop 3 layers and create a sword beam twice wider than before and pop 2 layers, and also has infinite range! He also has a special ability!

Special Ability: Holy Excalibur: Use the sword to draw an energy circle, then expand the circle infinitely, literally "sword-beaming" the whole screen!

Price: 10000$ on Medium

Path 2

Faster Combat

The monkey now slashes 1.5x faster than before!

Price: 300$ on Medium

Flaming Sword

Flaming swords can burn bloons when slashing them!

Price: 1200$ on Medium


Claymores are really hard, they instantly destroys a Ceramic Bloon's shell and do 10x damage to M.O.A.B-class bloons.

Price: 1500$ on Medium

Berserker Monkey

The Berserker Monkey is really crazy, he can swing 3 times faster than a normal Sword Monkey!

Special Ability:' Infinite Creation of Blades: Shoot blades in all direction. The number of blades, however, is decided by the player. The popping power of each blade is 10000/(number of blades decided), so you can create a maxium of 10000 blades. If the number of blades is more than 16, it'll shoot blades in bunches of 16.

Price: 11000$ on Medium


  • The Saber Monkey is an obvious reference!
  • The Berserker Monkey is also an obvious reference!
  • Their Special Abilities are also obvious references!
  • This is the first melee tower in this wiki
  • In my fanfic Eternal Wars, there're 2 major Sword Monkeys. The first one is a 4/2 Saber Monkey called Aturya, the empress of Japana, and the second one is a 3/2 Energy Sword Monkey called Kenshi, her general and her Land Guardian, one of her 4 Sakura Guardians. They're both female, but a "normal" Sword Monkey is considered male, since many low-level ones make up Japana's infantry force.

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