Super Serpent is a snake Special Agent that costs $700 Monkey Money. It is a snake that has 3 different attacks. Its first attack is a whip of its tail which can pop 15 bloons per whip. Its second attack is a vicious bite. The bite can only pop 1 bloon per bite but it inflicts the bloon with venom, popping 3 layers every second for 3 seconds. Its final attack is a spit of poison which also poisons bloons and attacks up to 6 bloons per spit. It attacks in this order: Tail Whip, Bite, Poison Spit. It has the range of an unupgraded Dart Monkey and the speed of an unupgraded Sniper Monkey.

Super Serpent Pro

The Super Serpent Pro gets a range boost, making it have the range of a 2-0 Dart Monkey. It also gets a speed boost which makes it attack at the speed of a 2-0 Tack Shooter. Uses until pro: 7 (cost $ 100 less than bloonsday deserive)