The sun destroyer is among the most devistating special agents ever devised: it rapidly fires powerful sun beams at 2 times the rate as a sun god that deals 2x as much damage to blimps as a single sun beam from a sun god. Unfortunatly, it has around the same range as a 0-0 Super Monkey & it must power up its beam of destruction(it takes 10 seconds to do so). It costs 1000 monkey money to buy & 10000 to upgrade to pro(10 units).


The pro sun destroyer gives new meaning to the phrase "overkill": it fires 3 sun beams that all fire beams backwards upon hitting bloons & deal 4x times as much damage to blimps as a single sun beam from a sun god,+ it can detect camo.


This agent might be lethal, but it is affected by the bananas from the Dinner bloon & it can be webbed by the Spider bloon. It's accuracy can also be worsened by the Pencil bloon. These would emply that the sun destroyer isn't a monkey god, but rather a normal monkey in a suit of super powered armor, since sun gods aren't effected by any of the above.

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