The Stunner Monkey has a powerful stunner that zaps bloons. Each bolt can pop two bloons! Cost: $595 Easy


Path I

  • Faster Charge: The stunner recharges much faster, leading to higher speed! Cost: $260 Easy
  • Supercharge: The stunner can now blast through twenty bloons, and recharges even faster! Cost: $970 Easy
  • Stunning Stunner: The stunner now stuns bloons hit by the bolts! Cost: $1295 Easy
  • M.O.A.B. Zapper: The stunner now really puts the hurt on M.O.A.B.-Class Bloons. The bolts can do fifteen damage each! Cost: $2720 Easy

Path II

  • Ping Device: This little flibberty-widget allows the Stunner Monkey to spot camo bloons! Cost: $100 Easy
  • Force Field: Adds a Level I Shield to the Stunner Monkey. Cost: $1700 Easy
  • Stunner Bomb: Throws a bomb that zaps bloons in all directions! Cost: $1530 Easy
  • Zap Everything: Zap Everything Ability; Pretty self explanatory, actually. Cost: $3400 Easy


  • Obvious references are obvious!
  • The bolt will fork if the bloons are coming from multiple directions, making this super-effective on tracks where there are paths close to each other.

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