Student Monkey is a tower that costs $500.It throws pencils at bloons that pop 2 of them.


Path 1

1 Sharper Pencils $105

Sharper pencils pop 4 bloons each.

2 Pen Thrower $360

Pens pop 9 bloons

3 Book Thrower $950

Books pop frozen and lead bloons and heavily damage ceramics.

4 Desk Cannon $2000

Desks destroy ceramocs instantly and heavily damage MOAB class bloons

Path 2

1 Scissor-rang $250

Throws a pair of scissors that pop three bloons (still throws pens or pencils)

2 Glasses $200

Gives student a range boost and allows targeting of camo.

3 Stapler $900

Upgrades to a stapler that pops 10 bloons

4 Monkey Principal

Command abality :All students on track fire 10x faster

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