The Stonemason Monkey shapes rocks into bricks and uses them to build walls, towers, and even throws a few at the bloons! It costs $850 on Easy.


Path I

1. Construction: $510 Easy Builds a wall blocking off the bloons temporarily. Lighter bloons will just go above the walls.

2. Faster Construction: $850 Easy Builds walls much faster!

3. Turret: $3400 Easy Builds a turret that you can put towers on. Turrets make towers fire a bit faster than normal.

4. Dragon Teeth: $4250 Easy Builds walls with spikes on the top. Spikes damage bloons for two layers per spike!

Path II

1. Pillbox: $400 Easy Builds a hideout for your towers. Pillboxes make towers immune to Commando Bloon bombardment.

2. Mason Crane: $850 Easy Smart stonemasons know that a monkey with a crane can get to places much further away than a monkey alone.

3. MOAR Stonemasons: $2975 Easy Need a few extra hands? Hiring more masons gets work done way, way faster!

4. Defend The Castle: $11900 Easy Defend the Castle Ability: Spawns in a TON of Dart Monkeys, Monkey Archers, and Sword Monkeys to defend your fortress. However, these are all 2-2, and cannot be upgraded. This lasts a only twenty seconds.


  • The Mason Crane upgrade is based off of a real-world machine called a Stonemason's crane.

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