The Steamroller is a tower. It is a steamroller controlled by a monkey. Instead of having range, it has a path (5cm) that you draw and it will follow that path. Each time it goes along the path 1 way, it can pop up to 7 bloons. Can`t hit M.O.A.B. class bloons. All prices are on Medium. Cost: $800

Path 1

  • Longer Path
    • The path becomes 10cm long. $800
  • Hot Roller
    • The roller becomes hot, popping lead and frozen bloons. $400
  • Flattener
    • The roller flattens bloons so hard, they get paralyzed for 2 seconds before they continue moving. $2000
  • Ultra Flattener
    • The roller flattens even harder now, and flattens 2 layers off bloons while stunning bloons for 4 seconds. $6700

Path 2

  • Faster Rolling
    • Steamroller rolls quicker. $400
  • Smog
    • The steamroller releases exaust, poisoning bloons. Each bloon slowly looses 3 layers if it is poisoned. $500
  • Double Rollers
    • The steamroller gets an extra roller, allowing the steamroller to pop 14 bloons. $1600
  • Super Steamroller
    • Super Steamroller Ability: The Steamroller rolls over the whole screen, popping up to 150 bloons, and does 200 damage to M.O.A.B Class Bloons and heals all towers. $3000

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