The Final Track of the mission

The Star Chronicles is a 120-round Special Mission that takes place at all of the space tracks currently on our wiki. Every 25 rounds, the track will change and you'll have to relocate all of your towers (you don't lose them). The tracks go in this order: Monkey World - Ad Astra - Saturn Track - Farthest End - End of Infinity

You can only place towers direcly on space in this mission. You can't place towers where you normally would. You're given 5 free E.V.A. Suit at the start and you'll get 1 more each time the track changes.

As for the rounds, they're the same as a normal Hard Mode game.


  • The tracks' order is supposed to make it feels like a space travel: the monkeys depart from the Earth (Monkey World), then fly to space (Ad Astra), then land on a planet (Saturn Track), then continue flying to the end of the universe (Farthest End and End of Infinity).
  • Though this mission isn't technically ranked, you have to unlock all the tracks on it before you can participate.