You start out with a superpowered (4/4) spike factory at the end of the track.

Every second, it shoots out 5 spiked mines, 10 spiked balls, and 10 stacks of MOAB-SHREDR spikes (each stack has 11 spikes).

IMPORTANT NOTE: THE SPIKE FACTORY HAS A LEVEL 2 SHIELD. All other towers don't, unless you place a Shield Generator.


1: 4 Ceramic Bloons

2: 10 Ceramic Bloons

3: Round 69 from BTD5

4: Round 70 from BTD5

5: 1 BFB.

6: 2 Commando Bloons and a Shock Bloon

7: Round 79 from BTD5

8: Round 82 from BTD5

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