Spike-o-pult should be a seperate tower. Range: 2 in. Speed: 30 spm. Cost: $510/$600/$650 It throws spike balls that can pop 20 bloons each. They will disappear once they go one in. out the range.


Path 1

Faster Reload

Description: Makes the Spike-o-pult to shoot faster. (40 spm)

Cost: $170/$200/$215

Fiery Spikes

Description: Spike balls can pop frozen and lead bloons.

Cost: $340/$400/$430

Triple Shot

Description: Shoots three spiked balls at once! Fire rate increases to 60 spm. Range increases to 2 in longer.

Cost: $1700/$2000/$2160


Description: Throws extremely fast! (180 spm) Plus camo detection.

Cost: $46750/$55000/$59400

Path 2

Longer Range

Description: Range increases to 1 in longer.

Cost: $255/$300/$325

Even Longer Range

Description: Range increases to 1/2 in longer.

Cost: $305/$390/$420


Description: Spiked-balls go much further, and pop 200 bloons at once! Range increases to 2 in. longer.

Cost: $1870/$2200/$2375

MOAB Juggernaut

Description: Does 5x the damage to MOAB-class bloons.

Ability: MOAB Propulsion disable All MOAB-class bloons hit can't move for 10 seconds (non-ff). After moving, they will move half the speed. The ability lasts 5 seconds.

Recharge: 60 sec. (non-ff), 20 sec. (ff)

Cost: $20400/$24000/$25920

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