Speedy Hedgehog is a Special Agent that costs $200 Monkey Money to buy. It rolls around the track in a certain area and any bloon that comes in contact with it looses 1 layer. It will take breaks every once in a while. The Speedy Hedgehog has no pop limit, and can hit M.O.A.B. class bloons. You can select the area it rolls around in by drawing a line right before you place the Speedy Hedgehog.


The Speedy Hedgehog is blue and stands on 2 feet.


You need to place the Speedy Hedgehog 25 times to unlock the pro version. The Pro version gives the hedgehog a longer line to choose where it runs and makes it take off 3 layers off every bloon. However it takes breaks more often than the non pro Speedy Hedgehog.


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