The Spectre Number Zero is a Special Mission that occurs in Cloud Graffiti. It consists of a 4/4 Spectre Number Zero (a Spectre but completely black) being attacked by multiple I.G.B.Ms. The Spectre Number Zero does 25x more damage to it. The Spectre Number Zero also has a very rare type of Bloontonium (which needs very air friction to work) that makes the I.G.B.M deal 4 HP to it. $4000 starting cash. Medium difficulty. $250 cash round.

Description: The Apopalypse Bloon is very mad becuase the Monkey Aces can fly and he thought the Bloons were the only ones that could do it! Our best Monkey Engineers and Bloontonium Reasearchers have built the Spectre Number Zero to counter-attack all those I.G.B.M attacks!

Special Tower: Spectre Number Zero (4/4 Monkey Ace)

Info: Sends out a volley of 16 darts in each direction each second.

Special Ability: Bloon Doom Zero


Round 1: 5 Regen Zebras and 25 Purple Bloons.

Round 2: 10 Rainbow Bloons

Round 3: 1 M.O.A.B

Round 4: 1 M.O.A.B and 1 Super Bloon

Round 5: 1 I.G.B.M

Round 6: 1 I.G.B.M and 10 Ceramic Bloons

Round 7: 1 I.G.B.M and 1 M.O.A.B

Round 8: 2 I.G.B.M

Round 9: 2 I.G.B.M and 1 Super Bloon

Round 10: 3 I.G.B.M

Round 11: 3 I.G.B.M and 2 Super Bloons

Round 12: 4 I.G.B.M and 1 B.F.B

Round 13: 5 I.G.B.M, 1 B.F.B and 4 Super Bloons

Round 14: 7 I.G.B.M

Round 15: 10 I.G.B.M


  • This is (by far) the only special mission that has Bosses has normal bloons/blimps.

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