Road Spikes

Small-6 Spikes $20

Normal-11 Spikes $30

Big-21 Spikes $50

Nailed- 11 Spikes, Pops 2 Layers $40

Spiked Mine-$100 16 Spikes, Explosion Pops 4 Layers of 10 Bloons. Burns 3 Layers in 6 Seconds



Crisp-$40 Just 16 Frags. 1 second Countdown

Palm-$40 Burn 3 Layers in 6 Seconds.

Heavy-$40 Pops 3 Layers.

Juice-$100 +10% Attack Rate, lasts 10 Seconds, "Bigger Blast" Radius. Explodes when placed. Send 8 slices that give +20% extra Attack Rate.


Spring-$50 Recoils Back Bloons, Along the Track. Up to 100 Worth Bloons, (Any Non-Metal Bloon, Set Distance of 1/4 of Playcreen Width) Pops a Layer.

Glue Bomb-$100 Splatters, Soaks and Corrodes 10 Bloons, 1 Second Countdown, Stays on Track for 2 Seconds, on Bloons for 10 Seconds.

Quick Concrete-$50 Sticks to a Bloon that passes over. Slows it down to 50% speed by 2 seconds, then solidifies. Shatters in 10 (divided by Layers) seconds. Pops a layer, including ceramic. Deals 20 Damage to MOABs.

By user Leonardo Vergara Concha.

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