Sniper Lord

You start out with a crazy, brutal, ultra powerful 4/4 sniper in the center of Lightning Scar track. He has a MOAB Crippling Semi Automatic rifle and has a powered up Supply Drop that contains 1500-3000 cash. You can only use towers and Special Agents that are living animal-like creatures. For towers, that means no Tack Shooter, no Bomb Tower, no Monkey Village, no Spike Factory, no Banana Farms, and no road items. For Special Agents, that means no Pontoon, no Portable Lake, no Bloonsday Device, no Mad Snowman, and no Bloonberry Bush. The most expensive tower at the end of every other round will get killed by this sniper monkey. To make up for this, you get 299 cash plus the round you are on. And you start with 1000 cash. If there are no other towers on the screen you will LOSE. Every bloon is +1, and you must beat it on Hard. And instead of 85 rounds, there are 110 rounds with the final boss being the D.B. The BGM for this mission is YTPMV: Ganon - Your Face.