Slime Ball

How the Slime Ball looks in his different stages.

The Slime Ball is a Special Agent. It costs $120 Monkey Money to purchase, and needs to be placed 40 times to unlock the Pro Slime Ball. When the Slime Ball is placed, it is a small Slime Ball. It attacks by grabbing and absorbing bloons. Once it has absorbed 30 bloons, it becomes one stage bigger. Once it is bigger, it attacks quicker. When the Slime Ball is in this stage, it needs to absorb 30 more bloons to grow to the last stage. In the last stage, it attacks even quicker. Once the Slime Ball has absorbed 50 bloons in its biggest form, it will shoot out a blob of slime that acts like a Spike-O-Pult's spike ball, popping up to 50 bloons.

Pro Slime Ball

The Pro Slime Ball gets stronger, and can now absorb 2 bloons at once, and the blob of slime that he shoots once he has sucked up 50 bloons in his biggest form gets bigger and pops up to 75 bloons! The Slime Ball must be placed 40 times to unlock the Pro Slime Ball.


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