The Sleeping Powder Monkey is a special agent that throws sleeping powder at Bloons, at the rate of one throw every 2 seconds, in a range of 150 px. Bloons hit will fall asleep for 5 seconds. M.O.A.B Class Bloons are not affected. The Apopolypse Bloon, Genesis Bloon, and Chaos Bloon are only affected for 0.5 seconds. It costs $200 Monkey Money.


Pro upgrade - poison! Bloons hit with the sleeping powder now lose one layer from poisoning every second for the next 10 seconds! - Description

After 25 uses, the pro upgrade is unlocked. The cost in Monkey Money is now $250, however.


Epic upgrade - Sleeping powder craziness! Now throws sleeping powder at a much faster rate!

After 40 more uses, the epic upgrade is unlocked. The sleeping powder monkey now throws sleeping powder every 0.4 seconds!

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