Sky Pirates

The Sky Pirates Mission ship...

The Sky Pirates Mission has a 4-4 Buccaneer in the Storm Cloud track! The ship launces six miniplanes per minute and has six gun turrets that fire darts, bombs, and grapes hypersonically. It even has a powered up M.O.A.B.-Takedown ability that can instantly take out a Z.O.M.G.! However, they need to be careful with their ship, as it's in a storm cloud. Every two rounds, the ship will be struck by lightning and have to make repairs, by cannibalizing the tower with the most metal. If there is no metal for repairs, then the ship will be destroyed, and the mission is lost. Requirements are the same as the Master of Engines, and you must get up to level 30 in a custom R.B.E.. The boss of the mission is the B.E.N.Z.E.N.E. . Good luck!


Background music is The Raid, by Approaching Nirvana.

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