The Shugo Chara Monkey is another monkey from Japana. This Special Agent cost $200 Monkey Money.


This special agent uses Chara Transformations every 5 rounds. Starts off with Amulet Heart.

Amulet Heart: Throws never ending pom-poms at bloons that will pop 2 layers each. You'll never know what effect the bloons will have. Will it be glue, napalm, or ice?

Amulet Spade: Paints all bloons three layers lower. If Green or lower, the bloon will become red.

Amulet Clover: The special agent will throw batter at bloons. Bloons get paralyzed, and suffers a mixing that chomps through 3 layers. Monkeys in the agent's range will regenerate 1 HP for each 10 seconds.

Platinum Royale: Fires yellow exploding bullets from the scepter. Bloons take 3 layers

Beat Jumper: This special agent will throw basketballs and baseballs at unsuspcting bloons. Basketballs gives bloons napalm and 1 layer popped, while baseballs fly faster and zip and pop through 4 layers of bloon. Basketballs are more durable than baseballs. Baseballs have a popping power of 2, while basketballs have 7.

Lunatic Charm: Uses 8 butterflies to defend the agent. Each one may ram into bloons. A single butterfly will steal 1 layer and regen status of bloons.

Pro Version

Four more character transformations for ultimate purification!(popping!) Needs 40 uses to unlock.

Amulet Diamond: Blows 7 swerving stars at bloons. Each one has a popping power of 4, and bursts through 2 layers.

Seraphic Charm: 5-spreads feathers with great force. Each feather has small splash radius and paralyzes bloons. (no stars)

Yamato Maihime: The agent uses a katana to slice through 5 layers of bloon. Is close ranged and has slow attack speed.

Special Ability

"Turns into Amulet Fortune, with a white, glittering Ray of Doom (but wider and has twice the popping power!) lasting for 10 seconds. Does not follow your mouse. After the transformation, the Chara Monkey willl undergo a different transformation.


  • Who knows this is a obvious reference?
  • This Special Agent is exclusive to one Otaku Pack (3?).

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