The Shockwave Monkey is a tower. It shoots a shockwave in a big circle that pops up to 20 bloons when unupgraded. The shockwave is similar to the Ring of Fire. Attacks at the speed of an unupgraded Dart Monkey. Range is of a 1-0 Dart Monkey. $2500


Bigger Shockwaves:
-The shockwaves that the Shockwave Monkey now shoot are bigger, giving the Monkey a 10% bigger range. $1000

Electrical Shockwaves:
-Shockwaves now become imbued with electricity, stunning bloons for 3 seconds. $1000

Power Charger:
-The Shockwave Monkey can now charge power, and every 5th shockwave that is expended can pop 50 bloons. $5000

Extreme Power Charger:
-Shockwave Monkey can charge a lot quicker, and ever other shockwave can pop 2 layers off 50 bloons. $9000


Faster Shooting:
-Shockwave Monkey can shoot at the speed of a 2-0 Tack Shooter. $1200

Flaming Shockwaves:
-Each shockwave affects bloons with the napalm effect. $700

Wildfire Shockwaves:
-Shockwaves create wildfires in the range of the Shockwave Monkey. Each wildfire can pop 10 bloons. $3000

Shockwave Infect:
-SHOCKWAVE INFECT ABILITY: Each tower shoots a shockwave that has the same effects of a 0-3 Shockwave Monkey when you use the ability. Recharge time: 75 seconds. $6000

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