Shield Generator

Shield Generator

The Shield Generator can provide other towers in its range with Level 1 Force Shield, which blocks projectiles from bloons. The Force Shield has 2 types of defense: Absolute Defense and Passive Defense. The Absolute Defense (AD) means that any attack that hit the shield will get its power lowered, and the Passive Defense (PD) is basically the "HP bar" of the shield. The Level 1 Shield has an AD of 5 (any attack will get its power lowered by 5), and a PD of 15 (If an attack can penetrate the AD, then the shield has 15 HP, which means an attack of 20 HP power will instantly disable the shield). The PD will regenerate by 5 HP each 10 seconds.

Price: 1000$ on Medium

Path 1

Wider Shield Radius

Increase the Shield Generator's range

Price: 500$ on Medium

Level 2 Shield

Level 2 Force Shield has an AD of 15 and a PD of 45!

Price: 2000$ on Medium

Shield Spread

Towers that are directly shielded by this Shield Generator can also effectively act as Level 1 Force Shield Generators as well as their normal roles.

Price: 10000$ on Medium

Global Weapon Jam

Special Ability: Bloons can't shoot projectiles for 20 seconds.

Price: 5500$ on Medium

Path 2

High Energy Shield

Shield Generator also provides additional energy to the towers in its range, making them shoot 15% faster.

Price: 1800$ on Medium.

Shield Repair System

Increase PD regeneration rate from 5 HP each 10 seconds to 10 HP each 10 seconds.

Price: 700$ on Medium.

Lightning Spire

All bloons that pass the generator's range will lose 1 layer because of the electricity field!

Price: 3200$ on Medium.

Hypercharged Tower

All bloons that pass the generator's range will lose 3 LAYERS! Ouch!

Special Ability: Energized Army (70 sec cooldown): Make all towers in the shield generator's range shoot 70% faster for 7 seconds.

Price: 15000$ on Medium


  • This is the champion of the Towers arena of the second Conception Tournament!
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