Sentry Buster Bloon is a Bloon that will appear very rarely at times. It moves at the speed of a Green Bloon and it has an RBE of 1250. It spawns no children and gives no money. It will target the most expensive tower. Despite having the appearance of a Lead Bloon, it can be damaged with sharp projectiles. It has an Ability:

  • Explode: Once the Bloon reaches it's target/gets hit 1250 times, it will turn red, become immobilized, can't be sent the wrong way, become indestructible and explode. Can break Level 1 Shield. If there are no towers near the path of the track, it'll just go halfway through the track and explode.


  • This (and the Gold Bloon if hit 10 times) are the only Bloons that doesn't give any money.
  • Reference.

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