This bloon can be popped be any tower expect sand bloon will melt the ice tower and disappears the ice tower.

Sand Bloon Will Send 10 Camo Yellow Bloons when popped.

Sand Bloon has 50 hit damage to pop.

Sand Bloon are immune to pro agents and ice towers and non-upgraded glue gunners.

Its a rare bloon that come in yellow? bloon rounds(10% Chance)

Plus, Some Towers Do Random Damage, but Ice tower is not effetive against sand bloon

Dart Monkey: 5-10 Damage

Tack Shooter: 2-8 Damage

Boomrang Thrower: 6-14 Damage

Sniper Monkey: 80% Chance to get 2 Damage

Ninja Monkey: 20% Chance to get 5 Damage

Bomb Tower: Instant Kills The Sand Bloon.

Ice Tower: 0 Damage

Glue Gunner: 0 Damage(2 Damage When its to corrisve glue damage)

Monkey Buccner: 10-18 Damage

Monkey Ace: 58% chance to get 8 Damage

Super Monkey: same damage is dart monkey but fast shooting!(Laser Vision 12-15 Damage And Plasma Vision 24-40 Damage And Sungod And Temple Instant Kills Them

Monkey Appretense:? 99% Chance? 20-48 Damage(Super Effetive against sand bloon)

Monkey Village(High Energy Becaon) 30 Damage

Banana Farms: Not Effettive

Mortar Tower: 10 Damage(80% Chance to Instant Kill When Fully Upgraded)

Dartling Gun: Same Damage as Dart Monkey(8-19 To Rockets and 30 Damage with laser cannon and Instant Kills With Ray Of Doom.

Spike Factory: Same damage as tack shooter.

Beekeeper: 1-2 Damage

Angry Squrirel: 1-5 Damage

Tribal Turtle: 8 Damage to Cocnuts and 48 Damage to Spears(Super Effetive against sand bloon)

Bloonsday Device: 10 Damage Every Shot(Abillty)

Super Monkey Storm: Instant Kills Sand Bloon

Bloonberry Bush: 20% Chance Weaking The Bush Spikes.

Pro agents shoot sand bloon but dont do damage because sand bloon has a pro agent armor.

Renmber use Tribal Turtle and Bombs there super effetive against them.

Think you want that bloon in next week update.

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