The Robot Beekeeper sends three robot bees to destroy the layers of the attacked bloon. Can pop lead and frozen bloons. Can not pop ceramic bloons and M.O.A.B class bloons. Cost 4000/4500/5000

Path 1

More Bees

Now shoot 6 bees instead of 3.

Camo Goggles

Now wears a goggle that can see camo bloons.

Bigger Bees

Now can attack ceramic bloons.

Giant Bees

Now can attack M.O.A.B class bloons.

Path 2

Cold Bees

Now the bees can make the bloons stop for 6-10 seconds.

Riccochet Bees

Now the bees jump from bloon to bloon.

Explosive Bees

Now when the bees go to the entrance by jumping it will be like a bomb.

Bigger Explosive

Now the explosive becomes bigger.

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