RegMat is a Rare Item that can appear when destroying an I.A.B.O.B.E. or Regen Bloons and is only used to craft other items. A Rock Polisher can be used on it, which can outcome a Heart Shard.

Becuase of its rarity, there are 3 loot variants of the RegMat item, each one has a 30% on appearing on I.A.B.O.B.E.s and 0.5% on a Regen Bloon when the original bloon is completely popped (i.e: a Black Bloon splits into 2 other bloons, but the 0.5% chance is only applied to one of the bloons). When collected, they may break depending on the variant: 

  • 1st Variant - 1 broken shard: 50% chance to be collected.
  • 2nd Variant - 1 perfect shard: 100% chance to be collected.
  • 3rd Variant - 2 broken shards: Each one has 50% to be collected.

It is also used to craft some other items:


  • Apopalypse Bloon was aiming to apply Regen status to M.O.A.B.-class bloons with the same material he used on normal bloons but when he discovered this material he instantly implemented it on a M.O.A.B. but even though he realised that this made the it weaker than it actually is, he only uses it on special occasions and if that wasn't odd enough he actually likes them.
  • This material was also used to upgrade the Mk. IV to Mk. V which causes it to regenerate 25 HP per second.


  • The name is short for Regeneration Material.
  • It is the first Loot/Equip item to be created by other user than Meta07.

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