Quick Play Mode is a new game mode that will be in the next Bloons Tower Defense game. When playing this mode, you will not see bloons come or your towers attack the bloons - when you click the button to start a round, the game will immediately skip to the end of the round and act as though the round already happened (changing number of lives, amount of money, etc. to show what would have happened). You can place towers and buy upgrades for them between rounds, but you will not be able to place any items during rounds (since the entire round takes place instantaneously). However, you will earn more money in this mode than in normal mode (so that, before a round, you can already afford upgrades and/or towers that you would otherwise have had to wait to purchase during the round). You can also click the button for a tower's ability before the round starts, and it will automatically be considered to have been used at a logical time during the round.

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