The Plasma Whip Monkey is a monkey that uses a plasma whip to pop bloons in 140º radius arc. The plasma whip pops 3 layers of off bloons up to 30 bloons. Can pop Lead. Has a range of 178px and a fire-rate of 45 spm for a cost of $720


Path 1

Extended Whip

  • Description: The plasma whip hits bloons in a wider and longer range.
  • Stats: The whip can hit bloons in a 150º arc and the monkey's range is increased by 12px.
  • Cost: $310

Electro Whip

  • Description: The plasma whip can now electrify bloons for maximum poppage!
  • Stats: The first bloon that the plasma whip hits will act like the Monkey Apprentice's lightning bolt.
  • Cost: $1300

Plasma Infuser

  • Description: Infuses the plasma whip on MOAB-class bloons dealing way more damage to them!
  • Stats: 39 damage is dealt to MOAB-class bloons.
  • Cost: $970

Plasma Striker

  • Description: The plasma whip is now super powered making it capable of stretching much more and deal much more damage!
  • Stats: Range increased by 24px, the plasma whip can pop 12 layers and 65 bloons per whip, it can hit bloons in a 155º arc and deals 52 damage to MOAB-class bloons.
  • Cost: $3640

Path 2

Shocking Plasma

  • Description: The plasma whip shocks bloons making them walk backwards.
  • Stats: Every 4th bloon, said bloon walks backwards for 1.1 seconds.
  • Cost: $490

Direct Strike

  • Description: The monkey can now perform a direct strike which leaves plasma on the track.
  • Stats: Every 5th hit, the monkey performs a direct strike which leaves plasma where it passed through. That plasma stays in a 124px line for 6 seconds and pops every bloon by 1 layer every 0.7 seconds they stand in it.
  • Cost: $720

Bloontonium Whip

  • Description: The whip is now made of Bloontonium which makes it more poptastic.
  • Stats: The whip pops 5 layers of off up to 40 bloons. The plasma left on the track lasts for 2 more seconds, is 12px longer and pops bloons by 2 layers every 0.65 seconds they stand on it.
  • Cost: $950

Whip Storm

  • Description: The monkey has 2 whips now and gained the Whip Storm Ability: 30 whips fly while spinning on the track popping bloons with maximum effectiveness for 10 seconds!
  • Stats (Ability): The whips have a 74px range and act like a basic monkey's.
  • Cooldown (Ability): 110 seconds.
  • Cost: $2560


  • This is a reference to this.

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