Pineapple Farm

The Pineapple Farm.

The Pineapple Farm is a new tower developed by the Monkeys. Being that they already had a way to mass-produce one of their road weapons, they decided the needed something to make their other road weapon: pineapples. They gave out seeds to any farmers that wanted to try.

They were genetically altered to grow faster, along with other tweaks. The farms would be built alongside tracks, so the farmers could dump their crops onto the track to decimate oncoming Bloons.

Path 1 Upgrades: Increased Production; Acidic Soil; Cryo Shells; Pineapple Hailstorm

Increased Production:
The farmers are given more seeds, workers, land, and pay to produce more pineapples for the war effort.

Acidic Soil:
The farmers are given acidic soil to fertilize their pineapples. This creates a higher acid level in the pineapple juices, resulting in a bigger explosion.

Cryo Shells:
The pineapples are given coolant-like juices, which the pineapples learn to self-produce. These juices form an outer layer on the pineapple. When they explode, the pieces of these shells are flung around, releasing cryo-temp fumes that freeze Bloons.

Pineapple Hailstorm:
In collaboration with the Monkey Air Force, the farmers give a chunk of their produce to a group of Monkey Ace's. Every twenty-five seconds, they bomb the field with theses pineapples.

Path 2 Upgrades: Increased Production; Growths; Catapult; Latex Stripper

Increased Production:
Just like in Path 1, the farmers are given more seeds, workers, land, and pay to produce more pineapples for the war effort.

Smaller pineapples will grow on the pineapples. They are flung away when the main pineapple explodes and in turn explode too, making more (smaller) explosions.

The farmers are given a catapult to launch pineapples around the track, and will target M.O.A.B.-class Bloons when spotted.

Latex Stripper:
Similar to paint stripper, this special chemical was genetically altered into pineapples so they self-produce it in their juices. When it hits Bloons, it strips away two layers (three if the original explosion is counted). Due to the larger surface-area of M.O.A.B.-class Bloons, it causes twenty-five percent more damage to them.

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