The Pineapple Factory is a tower that throws pineapples on the track at a rate of 1 pineapple every 4 seconds. It costs 680 in Easy, 750 in Normal and 900 in Hard.


Path 1:

More explosive pineapples: 280/350/420: Increases the explosion radius of the pineapples.

Farther pineapples: 480/560/730: Increases the range of the pineapple factory.

Pineapple-mines: 2180/2740/3670: Pineapples are genetically modified to become mines that explode when a bloon passes on them. The explosion radius is also slighty increased.

M.O.A.B-destroyers pineapples: 4670/5240/5960: Pineapples cause 200 damage to M.O.A.B class-type bloons. Z.O.M.Gs aren't affected by them.

Path 2:

Faster production: 380/450/530: Increases the production rate of the pineapple factory to 1 pineapple every 3 seconds.

Even faster production: 700/800/920: Increases even more the production rate of the pineapple factory to 1 pineapple every 2 seconds!

More pineapples: 1100/1250/1480: Products 2 pineapples instead of the usual 1.

Pineapple fury: 3210/3870/4690: Pineapple fury ability: Floods the track with pineapples.

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