This is a super-powerful tower equipped with a particle accelerator. It charges up for sixteen seconds, then fires, blasting away two bloons per shot, melting lead, and doing big damage to ceramic bloons. It costs $3400 Easy. It looks like a Radiant Defense Judgment Ray Gauss Gun mounted on an Electro Tower

Path I

Faster Charge: $510 Easy

The particle accelerator takes much less time to charge up for the blast! (fire rate goes to once every four seconds)

Focal Doubling: $680 Easy

Extra power to the accelerator makes the beam pop off two layers of bloon!

Super-Hot Beam: $1700 Easy

The blast of heat that inevitably comes with shooting a particle beam is harnessed to make the tower pop four layers of bloon!

Intihuatana: $4250 Easy

A deadly weapon that employs the power of the sun has fallen into monkey hands. Use it wisely. (fire rate increases to once every twentieth of a second)

Path II

Power Beam: $460 Easy

The beam now blasts through three bloons!

Super Beam: $770 Easy

The beam rips through eight bloons!

Dual-Beam Phaser: $2720 Easy

One blast of particles moving near the speed of light + one blast of particles moving near the speed of light = EPICKNESS!!!

Nova: $42000 Easy

Beam Storm Ability: Blasts out twenty beams that instantly destroy all layers of bloon that they touch and do 500× Damage to M.O.A.B.-Class Bloons!

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