The PeterHoHK Bloon is a monkey-coloured bloon with a glue gunner on the back. It also has an iron sword on its head too. It has 20 HP and when popped it releases 4 Yellow Bloons, 1 (Minecraft) Spider Bloon and 1 Enderman Bloon.

  • Glue Attack: Fires a blob of glue that slows down the attack speed of the affected tower.
  • Corrosive Glue: Fires a blob of glue that the same as "Glue Attack" but now deals 1 HP every second to the affected tower.
  • Sword Slash: Charges to a certain tower with the sword in its hand, and deals 6HP damage.
  • Spawn Creeper: Spawns a single Creeper Bloon.
  • Ray of Glue: Shoots a memerizing ray of corrosive glue, that glue any tower in the glue. Bloon stops while shooting.


  • PeterHoHK is a minecrafter that also plays Bloons TD 5.
  • This only appears in a special mission. (link coming soon!)
  • The special theme for this bloon is: TNT, Revenge, or Fallen Kingdom.

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