Patchwork Bloon

Apopalypse Bloon just won't die!

Genesis... the monkeys... They will all pay for this! --Patchwork Bloon after death

He was already a mockery of all that is good and pure. Now he's a LIFE DRAINING mockery of all that is good and pure? --Genesis talking about Patchwork Bloon

The Patchwork Bloon is the reincarnation of the Apopalypse Bloon. It acts as the boss of the Reactor Core ~=ReACT=~ mission and also as the boss of any normal track in Aurae Saga, replacing Apopalypse Bloon. (All tracks on Aurae Saga are forced to play on Hard difficulty!). It moves as fast as a Blue Bloon (a bit faster than Apopalypse bloon. Yikes!)

First Form

The first form of Patchwork Bloon is exactly like Apopalypse Bloon but only has 10,000 HP. Now this may seems weaker, but until you "pop" it you'll discover a horrible truth...

Second Form

Patchwork Bloon 2

Oh dear...

...that the Apopalypse Bloon is just a shell! Once you pop it, you'll reveal the core. The core also has 10,000 HP and has all the abilities of the Apopalypse Bloon. But, it'll start recollecting pieces of itself over time. Once it collects a piece, its core will provide an energy field that makes the piece floats around. Once enough pieces (30 pieces) are gathered, the shell will be recreated again! Each piece has 200 HP individually, so be sure to pop them all before you have to fight the First Form again! Once you defeat this form, then old Apopalypse is done for good! Also, this form has another special ability:
  • Nuclear Blast: Emits in a blast in a large radius, which deals 20 HP damage, but also pollutes the area with nuclear radiation! Areas suffered from radiation will make any tower that's placed on it lose 1 HP each second (whether the tower has just been bought or has always been there). The effect lasts for 30 seconds.


  • When Apopalypse is thought to be finally defeated, Darthus managed to find its popped remains somewhere when wandering around.
  • Thus, he collected the pieces, returns to the Aurae HQ, and worked together with Codexhak to place an experimental mini-Reactor-Core inside and piece all the pieces together along with some mechanism to get it working. Thus, Patchwork Bloon was born, or should I say,... reborn, and is ready to wreak havoc to the newly allied empires once again.


  • Its previous life is Apopalypse Bloon, obviously.
  • Plant believes it to be a skeleton inside a bloon shell.
  • Its BGM is something I composed myself, Stopping Clock! (WARNING: My first composition ever, may suck! Also I have never taken any composing exercises and I don't have a proper music editing software!)