The Paper Monkey is unlocked at rank 7. It throws paper at Bloons.

Basic Tower

Paper Monkey

The basic Paper Monkey.

Who knew that paper was a good weapon to pop Bloons with? This monkey has managed to throw paper sideways in such a way that it can pop Bloons! He also has figured out how to see Camo!

Base fire rate: 1 shot per second

Popping statistics: Can only pierce through 1 Bloon, cannot pop lead, ceramic, or M.O.A.B Class. Can see Camo, however.

Base Range: 120px

Cost: $130


Path 1

Thicker paper ($140)

Thicker paper can be thrown farther, increasing range by 50px.

Statistics: Range is increased by 50px.

More sheets ($600)

The monkey can now throw 2 sheets at a time!

Statistics: 2 sheets are now thrown, allowing for double poppage!

Confusing sheets ($2,900)

The monkey additionally throws some sheets into the air, which confuse most Bloons!

Statistics: The monkey now throws sheets in the air, which do no damage, but confuse Bloons. The two normal sheets that can pop Bloons are not removed, either.

The paper company ($11,000)

The paper monkey now throws multiple types of sheets, each one having a different effect!

Statistics: The paper monkey now throws the following types of sheets: (They are all thrown at the same time!)

1. Normal Sheets

2. Cardstock - Can pierce through 3 Bloons, and will do 3 damage to ceramics.

3. Construction paper - Has a 5% chance of popping any Bloon instantly (Including lead Bloons) , and to do 100 damage to M.O.A.B. Class Bloons.

4. Pack of paper - Will flatten 10 layers off any Bloon it hits. Can only be thrown a short distance, though. (40 pixels)

5. Bright yellow sheets - Any Bloon that looks at this is getting stunned for 4 seconds... (Any Bloons in a 10px range of it will be effected)

Path 2

Faster throwing ($425)

The monkey throws paper faster.

Statistics: Paper is now thrown once every 0.75 seconds.

Paper Airplanes ($725)

The monkey now throws paper airplanes, which fly faster, pierce through 3 Bloons, and can travel outside of the monkey's range.

Statistics: Paper airplanes are now thrown, which can pop 3 Bloons, and can effect ceramic and M.O.A.B. Class Bloons.

Gluey planes ($1,000)

The paper airplanes are now glued, with each able to glue 5 Bloons after hitting the ground.

Statistics: Paper airplanes now glue Bloons after hitting the ground. Each Bloon stays glued for 5 seconds.

Paper Air Raid ($3,000)

Paper Air Raid ability - A whole ton of paper airplanes fly down from the sky, doing plenty of damage to Bloons.

Statistics: Ability added. Ability recharge time is 70 seconds.

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